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U.P.’s Gaurav Singh Chauhan Awarded ‘Grand Master’ Title by Taekwondo Federation of India

On the occasion of Taekwondo Hall of Fame India-2024, held in Lucknow, Gaurav Singh Chauhan from Uttar Pradesh was honored with the prestigious ‘Grand Master’ title by the Taekwondo Federation of India. The award was presented to Gaurav by Shree Swatantra Dev Singh Ji, the Minister of Jal Shakti, Uttar Pradesh.

Gaurav received this esteemed title in recognition of his active participation, national and international achievements, and dedication to martial arts over the past three decades. He is the founder of the unique hand-to-hand combat skill-based street survival martial arts known as Kalki Art of Self Defence, through which he has trained over 450,000 women and children both in India and internationally.

The ceremony saw notable figures such as MLC-Sitapur Pawan Singh Chauhan, Senior BJP Leader Sudhir S Halwasiya, the Father and Founder of Taekwondo in India, Grand Master Dr. Jimmy R. Jagtiani, and Senior Bollywood Celebrity Coach & International Player Grand Master Mahendra Mohan Jaiswal, who all commended Gaurav’s significant contributions to promoting Taekwondo in India.

Dr. Jimmy R Jagtiani, the Founder & Father of Taekwondo in India, highlighted Gaurav’s vital role as an active member of the organizing committee for national and state-level Taekwondo events, acknowledging his unwavering commitment to the sport.

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